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A1A Locksmith of Michigan will ensure your home is safe and secure. Your home is one of the most important things to protect. By keeping your home safe and secure with proper security measures such as strong and effective door locks, you are ensuring your biggest investment is protected.  Having a secure home also allows peace of mind that your family is safe as well.

We offer affordable rates to protect your home.

We carry a wide selection of locks from schlage, quick set and baldwin. We also offer discounts for move in services.

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Residential locksmith services:



  • 24/7 lockout service: Emergency lockout service for all residential locks, including door knob locks, dead bolt locks, jimmy proof locks, and high security locks. We service all of Metro Detroit.

  • High security locks: For those of you who are looking to take their home security to the next level (as far as locks go), my best suggestion would be to upgrade to high-security locks. High security locks are mechanical locks that have certain modifications in them, making them 100 percent break proof. No one, including the most skilled locksmith can compromise them in any way in a reasonable amount of time. They are pick, rake, and bump proof. They are made from much stronger materials and drilling them could take hours. Even the key can only be copied using a special card that comes with the lock. Most people don’t know they even exist, because they are not sold in most hardware stores so you would have to order them through a locksmith.

  • House lock re-keys: It is very important to rekey your new home or home you recently purchased. Very simply, because in Metro Detroit, so many contractors and realtors have gained access to your home with the lockbox key. Calling A1A Locksmith of Michigan is absolutely the first thing you should do before you move in!  Unfortunately some folks have forgotten to hire a quality locksmith and have had appliances and some personal electronics-like laptops stolen from their newly purchased or newly built home.  Don't let it happen to you!

  • Lock change: A good locksmith, like A1A Locksmith of Michigan, will first need to determine whether the lock needs to be rekeyed or if they, in fact, need to replace the locks. Many customers aren’t even aware that there is an option or which is best for them. A1A Locksmith of Michigan will help you with this decision, once one of our qualified technicians arrive to your home.

  • Mailbox locks: If you’ve lost or misplaced your mailbox key. Or if your mailbox lock and key quit working, give us a call. A1A Locksmith of Michigan will come out and help you secure your mailbox.

  • Lock repair: It is very important to rely on the services of a locksmith to maintain lock mechanisms in a perfect condition. A1A Locksmith of Michigan has a wide range of expertise, and A1A Locksmith of Michigan can help secure and repair all types of locks in all of Metro Detroit.

  • Lock installation: Don't put your safety & security at risk by not having your locks installed by a professional. A trained, A1A Locksmith of Michigan Technician can professionally install your locks correctly at minimal time & cost. A1A Locksmith of Michigan can install or repair all lock types, brands, and models.

  • Removal of broken keys: While irritating and inconvenient, a broken key inside of a lock is quite common. But no matter the circumstances behind the busted key inside the lock, A1A Locksmith of Michigan will send our qualified technicians out to help remove or repair your lock.

  • Master key system: A1A Locksmith of Michigan provides master key system services that will combine all of your keys into one cost-effective form of access control. Our experienced technicians will engineer a customized master key system specific to your existing locks.

  • Patio door locks: Most patio door locks look and function the same, but there are many variables when it comes to fixing or replacing your patio door lock. Our experienced technicians will make sure your patio door lock is fixed with the proper hardware.

  • Garage locks: A1A Locksmith of Michigan is able to work on all types of garage door locks, from T-handle locks to deadbolts. Call today to have your locks repaired or replaced.

  • Gate locks: Gate locks can freeze and small internal parts eventually wear out or break. Call A1A Locksmith of Michigan for all of your gate lock needs.

  • Much more!