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We are a family and locally owned mobile locksmith business. We service all of Metro Detroit, and it is our goal to provide the best service possible to anyone that utilizes our services. Our goal of our blog is to help consumers understand the complexity of the various locks out there on vehicles, homes, and businesses.

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Pin Locks

Also known as the Yale lock or pin tumbler lock. This lock functions using pins of different lengths to prevent the lock from opening. These are found in cylinder locks, where the cylinders can be removed from the framework of whatever they are securing. Here is the vulnerability: the lock cylinder can be removed entirely.

Warded Locks

These locks work with obstructions or wards that prevent opening. However, these locks have several vulnerabilities making their use generally for low security purposes. A well-made skeleton key can get around most of these wards. There is a limited number of unique possible keys, so keys meant for other doors can open others as well.

Lever Locks

A lever lock uses a set of levers that prevent a bolt from moving. A key will be entered, turned, and in turn lift the levers to a height that allows the bolt to pass through.

Chubb Detector Lock

This lock is a variation on the lever tumbler lock. If someone attempts to open it using the wrong key or pick the lock, it self-jams in a locked state, notifying the owner that it had been tampered with. The self-jam occurs by any of the levers being lifted higher than necessary for the bolt to be removed. Originally it required a special resetting key, but later advancements removed this need.

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